Balance EDP by Sigil Scent

What first struck me about Sigil Scent was its unique name. Sigil. As gleaned from the website, its name is derived from the Latin word sigillum or seal, “a unique sign infused with personal meaning”. For Patrick Kelly, the creator of Sigil Scent, it signifies the ritual of applying fragrance in order to help set and guide your intention for the day.

 Clearly, the sensibility of this line is more than offering fragrances that simply make you smell good. When you read the FAQ page, you’ll learn that Patrick is interested in the magical and the philosophical and also blurs the line between perfume and aromatherapy stating that he welcomes Perfume Mongers and Tarot Readers alike on this olfactory journey.


Before we delve into BALANCE, the scent that is reviewed here, I want to mention that Patrick’s fragrances are 100% natural and are made from organic, wildcrafted and sustainable botanicals. They are also vegan and cruelty free. Additionally, Sigil Scent is a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization of businesses that donates at least 1% of annual sales to grassroots and earth conscious non-profit partners.

As of this moment, there are four EDPs (I think a new one is about to be launched any moment) as well as a room/body spray. The name, color and symbol of each one is meant to evoke a feeling to help guide you in choosing your fragrance. Of course you can always allow the featured notes to influence you, which is what I did.

I chose BALANCE because I adore verbena and labdanum and was very curious to see how the two would work together in a perfume because they seem a little dissonant. And truth be told, BALANCE feels a bit like two different perfume experiences. The topnotes are as fresh as fresh can be. The verbena is green and lively and gives you a spring in your step if you’re feeling a little lackluster. Add to that some palmarosa, which smells a lot like rose geranium, as well as some lime and I was initially thinking this scent should have been called something along the lines of “vitality” instead of “balance.” Not to say I wasn’t enjoying the citrus opening, I was very much because it’s exuberant and sparkling! (I just wasn’t sure about the name being the best fit.)

But then came the suggestion of labdanum. Its smoky sweetness melding with the higher pitches of the lime. The mustiness of its leather facets mixing with the sharper tones of the verbena. And here it is in the heart, where the two disparate parts of freshness and animalic resin mingle to find their way into balance. Finally in the drydown, the labdanum rests by itself like a rich incense, so soothing, giving comfort throughout the day.


In creating BALANCE, Patrick was inspired by the California coast, in particular near San Luis Obispo and Big Sur. In an email he mentioned that the tranquility of this region and picturesque views are a sure way to reestablish balance whenever he’s feeling out of tune with himself.

I see the ocean as the perfect representation of BALANCE. The burst of  citrus topnotes is like the intensity of the water and sea spray, and labdanum is the sense of calm and tranquility that the ocean so beautifully provides. Now that I have fully experienced this perfume, I can appreciate its name, its blue color, its circular symbol with one half white and the other blue. Opposites interacting. Two contrasting scent experiences that are perfectly balanced.

BALANCE is available at Sigil Scent. $90 for 1.7 oz (50ml)

Disclosure: BALANCE was sent to me by the brand for consideration. All opinions are my own and I am not financially compensated for my reviews.  

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