Get to Know Lina Hanson: Interview

This interview with Lina Hanson is part of an event hosted by Bergamot Beauty that includes a YouTube review of Lina’s exceptional line of skin and body care and a giveaway on Instagram. If you are not familiar with Lina Hanson’s Global Beauty, you will discover a line that uses only the purest, highest quality natural ingredients that are ethically sourced and organic, wildcrafted or fair-trade.

Earlier this year I reviewed Satori, Lina’s beautiful all natural perfume that was inspired by her travels throughout Southeast Asia. (Please click the link if you would like to read more about Satori).

I hope you enjoy learning more about Lina as her answers are very thoughtful and quite illuminating. I would also like to take this moment to give her a huge thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, and again to Bergamot Beauty for hosting this giveaway. Don’t forget to pop on over to Instagram to check out the giveaway details! Additionally, you all can take advantage of a 20% discount off all Lina Hanson products at Nov. 28-Dec.4 with code linahanson16.


I know you grew up in a small town in Sweden. What drew you to New York and then Los Angeles?

 I’ve always had a very curious mind. Staying in one place, living one life, without questioning or trying something else, was never for me.

Traveling to experience new places and cultures was always something I dreamed of doing and I don’t think it’s ever really gone away. I still have that wandering soul in me. It’s what keeps me inspired.

-What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

 I always loved doing makeup but I never realized that I could actually do it for a living until I met a big makeup artist in New York. I started assisting her on numerous makeup jobs: fashion shows, red carpet events, print shoots and commercials, and I completely fell in love with it. I worked with her for a few years until I moved out to LA, signed with a makeup agency and started working on my own.

I love the art of makeup, but I tend to gravitate toward more natural and clean makeup looks. For me it’s not so much about changing a face, as it is enhancing it. I just love making women feel better about themselves in their own unique way.


-How did you start creating your own products?

 I started making my own homemade recipes when I was a little girl. My grandmother used to have a book about natural beauty recipes and I used to love reading and experimenting, ultimately creating different masks and scrubs. So, my passion for natural beauty began when I was very young.

 I’ve used natural botanicals and oils on myself for years, and I was using the Global Face Serum on my clients before makeup applications and they started asking me how they could get some.

Making my own skincare products started very organically, as I personally only wanted quality products. I love experimenting with different ingredients, after drawing inspiration from the places I travel to.

-Do your clients seek you out knowing you use only all natural products?

 Clients frequently seek me out because I use all-natural and vegan products. I also had several clients before I started using natural products, so they have in a way been on the green beauty journey with me.

-I know this might be a tough one to answer, but what ingredient are you most enjoying currently? And as far as fragrance, what essence are you really drawn to right now?

 I’m really drawn to lemongrass at the moment. Maybe because I’m currently in Thailand and I smell it everywhere. Plus it’s used in Thai cuisine a lot. It’s such a refreshing scent, and I also used it in my Global Face Trio.

I’ve also been drawn to more earthy and warm scents like palo santo and cinnamon. I love creating scents, so I’m sure there will be more perfumes added to the collection in the near future.

-Speaking of fragrance, are you able to clarify why you list the essential oil isolates in your ingredients? This seems to be somewhat controversial at the moment. Some in the green beauty community say it is because of the EU regulations while others say this is not the case. 

The EU has some of the strictest regulations in terms of the beauty products they import. We’ve been working with a team in the EU who help us to keep all the paperwork in order and making sure everything is in compliance. We have been instructed that whenever you sell a beauty product in the EU, you MUST list all the essential oil isolates for EU regulations. I wish the regulations in the EU were also followed in the United States. This would add some consistency across the board, and the customers would be aware of what is in each product for all brands, not just those who must list essential oil isolates in order to sell their products in the EU.

-How do you stay healthy both physically and emotionally as I’m sure this industry is very stressful!

 Balance is key for me. I work really hard but I also give myself time to relax and take time off. I travel quite a bit and although I work very hard while I’m away, getting out of my comfort zone, having a chance to explore and experience different ways of life gives me perspective and that’s refreshing.

 I eat healthy, take vitamins, and buy organic whenever possible, but I still treat myself to a pizza or a dessert once in a while. I do yoga and workout weekly, but I’m not a fanatic. For me it’s really all about balance.

-Celebrating all ethnicities is clearly important to you, where does that passion come from?

 Celebrating global beauty is definitely a passion of mine. I grew up in a small town in northern Sweden, and being half-pakistani, half-swedish, nobody looked like me. I always felt like I didn’t quite belong anywhere. So, I think it all started there.

 My husband (who is also the co-founder) is Kurdish, from northern Iraq, but grew up in Canada. We’ve both traveled and lived in various countries and we have friends all around the world. The global aspect is very much a part of our lives.

Also, working in the beauty industry for so many years, I’ve really seen the absence of diversity, and I think it’s an important issue. What we believe in and what our brand is about is being more open-minded, globally conscious and all-inclusive.


 -Finally, what is your personal philosophy regarding green beauty? 

 I started to switch out my makeup kit to green products in 2008 and wrote my book “Eco-Beautiful” in 2009. So in a way, I was part of that green beauty revolution. Being aware of what you’re putting on your skin is just as important as what you eat, and I believe in that whole-heartedly.

 For my products, I go to great lengths to not only use the highest quality ingredients, but also commit to ethics and fair-trade.

Global beauty goes beyond green beauty. It’s about being conscious not only of what we’re putting on our skin, but also where these ingredients come from, who harvests them, and how it’s affecting people around the world.

 As far as makeup, I try whenever possible to use green products, but if a client wants a specific product, I’m not opposed to using it.

 All I can do is help inspire people to use green beauty products – not reprimand them for not using it. I just believe that the more information you have, the better choices you can make for yourself and your family.

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