Skylar Perfumes. Keeping it musky.

Skylar Perfumes are relatively new on the scene, and worthy of consideration if you are interested in delving into natural perfumes or if you’re like me and have been a natural devotee for many years now but have longed to bring some musks back into your life. Let me clarify though, Skylar is not 100% natural. Some safe synthetics are used, which means no phthalates and all of the fragrances are vegan and cruelty free. So purists might not be fully on board, but if you are open to this brand, you will find sustainable essences, gorgeous packaging, and a philanthropic mission.

Skylar is currently direct to consumer only, which helps keep their prices very reasonable at $78 for a beautifully presented 1.7 oz bottle. Since Skylar is not available in stores, they do offer the above Sample Palette for $20, which comes with a $20 credit towards your next full size purchase. I have already reviewed Isle briefly in my Summertime Perfumes YouTube video, but to reiterate, I have really enjoyed wearing Isle this summer.  It’s a cardamom-sandalwood blend with breezy hints of bergamot and musk that keep the spice and woods uplifting and perfect for the summer. I am really interested to see how this one develops in the cooler weather and anticipate it transitioning seamlessly into the fall.

sky arrow.JPG

Arrow is the warm and spicy fragrance of the group, and will fit right in with chunky sweaters and hot cups of tea this winter. Arrow is comprised of some of my most loved cozy-making essences: labdanum, vanilla, and tonka bean; gorgeously classic florals: jasmine, rose and neroli; leathery animalic notes: patchouli and birch tar; and finally piquant pink peppercorn. All combined, Arrow is lush, musky and reminiscent of a well executed department store woody floral not unlike Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black. If you’ve been missing something like that in a more natural option, give this a try.

sky meadow 2

Meadow is for the true floral lover who likes their fragrances with yes, a healthy dose of musk.  Heady white flowers of tuberose, jasmine, and neroli belie the fragrance’s name as these are not flowers one finds in a meadow. These are sultry blossoms of tropical locales, but never mind that. The overall effect is delightfully pretty and begs to be worn with your favorite strappy dress at your best friend’s garden party.

sky coral

And for those of you who miss your Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, Coral might be the perfume you have been looking for. It’s a musky fruity scent with notes of grapefruit and apple blossom. Sandalwood and patchouli keep it all very grounded, but it is still quite bright and youthful. Even though the summer is waning here in the Northern Hemisphere, I wouldn’t hesitate to spritz on some Coral whenever I need a pick-me-up.

sky duo

So I am really excited to host a giveaway for two full-sized bottles of Skylar Perfumes! My new Skylar YouTube review is below and all of the details are in the video’s description box on how to enter. You don’t have to watch the whole video in order to enter, but you might want to for more details on Skylar as well as a more in-depth review of these perfumes. Also, you do need to subscribe to my channel to enter the giveaway so you might as well pop on over there!

For my readers: code SCENTHIVE will get you 10% off your order.

Disclosure: Skylar sent me PR samples for consideration. Like always, the opinions expressed in this review are mine and I am not financially compensated for my reviews.  

Images in this post are mine.

2 thoughts on “Skylar Perfumes. Keeping it musky.

    1. I ordered and love them all. Look forward to the new one each month as well:). I’m worth it:)

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