Hemp Organics Lip Tint: Impulse Buy Gone Good


Lip color, whether it’s in gloss, stick or tint form, makes me most happy when I can apply it without a mirror. Happiness is also achieved when I can do two things at once, like make my lips look better while protecting them from the sun. I didn’t realize Hemp Organics would be the giver of such good cheer in my life when I impulsively grabbed two lip tints and tossed them in my grocery basket a couple months ago. Oh, and did I mention they are $5.99 each?

First, let’s check out the ingredient list: Organic jojoba oil, organic hemp oil, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, organic olive oil, castor oil, vitamin E, mica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide. (Vegan lip tint colors, those without carmine are: Terra, Amber, Earth and Kiss).

Three cheers for such a short ingredient list on a makeup item, one where you actually recognize every word! Titanium Dioxide might not be entirely familiar to everyone, but it is a natural, physical sunblock that provides Hemp Organic Lip Tints with their SPF of 15.

I bought Berry and Wine as I am partial to neutral reds and I get the most use out of Berry. Berry is a true rosy red, not too pink or brown that requires no mirror to get the application right. Wine is a richer red and actually works as an evening color. The lip tints make your lips slightly glossy and glide on like an ultra-smooth Chap Stick. They are unscented, feel really nourishing and are tiny little things so they fit nicely in a small purse or pocket.

Hemp Organics Lip Tints are available at most health food stores and VashonOrganics (whose color descriptions aren’t very accurate, IMO).

Posted by ~Trish