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I just discovered Victoria Jess Handmade Natural Perfumes a few weeks ago after a reader recommended I try Victoria Mirarchi’s creations. Many thanks to Angie for taking the time to write me about this line, as Victoria’s fragrances are exceptional. They are all handmade with only natural ingredients, many of which are organic. Yes, there are many perfumers using said ingredients, but Victoria definitely has the talent to create beautiful perfumes. My experience of the Victoria Jess line is that each perfume is an ode to jasmine. Jasmine in four very different renditions, but jasmine nevertheless. As a strong admirer of this sultry little blossom, that’s more than fine with me! Today, I will feature Un Fleur de Jasmine.

This Victoria Jess perfume is a stunner. It’s bright and cheery in the opening. Top notes of organic Italian bergamot and organic pink grapefruit give it a citrus kick, but its floral heart presents itself rather quickly. Organic jasmine grandiflorum as well as organic jasmine sambac develop in a very full and sensual manner, especially the sambac. Its spicy tinge gives Un Fleur de Jasmin a flavor that exudes the voluminous jasmine quality we love, but also a departure point which adds piquant interest. Rosewood find itself in the heart as well, which tempers jasmine’s propensity towards extravagance but also plays well with Un Fleur de Jasmin’s very tasteful indolic side.

I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of Un Fleur de Jasmine, but it’s the drydown of this fragrance that really has me captivated.¬†Ultimately it has an ambery base with labdanum, ambrette, and vanilla melding into a gorgeous sweet, musky floral. I am so thrilled that natural perfumers have ambrette in their palette as this little seed provides such a rich base that I find far more satisfying that any synthetic musk I have ever smelled. While Un Fleur de Jasmine is very different from Ayala Moriel Parfums’ Cabaret, ambrette gives both of them the ability to be simultaneously sweet, mildly earthy and entirely musky.¬†Kudos to Victoria for creating such a beautiful and beguiling musky floral.

Un Fleur de Jasmin is available at the Victoria Jess etsy store, $40 for a 2ml atomizer, $65 for a 5ml atomizer, or $85 for a 15ml atomizer.

Posted by ~Trish

Disclosure: A sample of Un Fleur de Jasmin was provided by Victoria Jess. The opinons in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.