Revolution Organics: Gorgeous Glosses, Beautiful Blushes

Finding a 100% natural lip gloss is more challenging than you might think. Many companies call themselves “green,” natural,” and “organic” but you’ll still find synthetic chemicals, dyes and petroleum products in their ingredient lists. Not so with Revolution Organics. They’re the real deal. Not only does their lipgloss not contain synthetics, chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals or artificial ingredients, at least 85% of the ingredients are certified organic.

There are 5 shades to choose from, and I have tested three of them. I bought “Integrity” (the one in the middle) at least six months ago and am due for a new tube as I wear it almost daily. It’s a lovely “your lips but better” (YLBB) rosy shade with the slightest suggestion of warm shimmer. The consistency is perfect as far as I’m concerned. It’s got a little bit of that thick texture you want from a gloss so that it clings and lasts on your lips, but it never becomes goopy or overly sticky. It glides on effortlessly, feels incredibly nourishing and has absolutely no scent. “Vibe” (on the far right) is also a YLBB gloss, but is a brownish peachy color that got a little swallowed up by the pigment of my lips. I prefer “Integrity,” but would love to see “Vibe” on someone with a lighter complexion.

Finally, “Truth,” (second from the left) the brightest and darkest of the three creates a stunning sheer-fuchsia lip. It looks much darker in the tube than on your lips, but compared to “Integrity” and “Vibe” it is more pigmented and also has a more noticeable sparkle. Since I am so inclined to love pink, “Truth’s” hot-pink cuteness is hard to pass-up.

If it wasn’t enough to nail it in the lipgloss arena, Revolution Organics also has put out a mighty fine blush. They call it a Beauty Balm since it can also be used on the lips, or anywhere you choose to put it on your face. As pictured above, the colors from left to right are: “Blushed”, “Sunkissed” and “Bronzed”. “Blushed” is like the stick version of the “Truth” gloss, a bright hot pink that is beautiful, but admittedly a little intimidating for me to put on my cheeks. I applied it very lightly with my fingertips which gave me that “just in from the cold look” and was very flattering on my olive toned skin. Any more than a light tapping and blending, and I would have swiftly moved into clown territory. On the lips, “Blushed” is gorgeous. I don’t normally go for such intensely bright pinks on my lips, but it’s easy to control “Blushed’s” color when applied with your fingertips. And when you swipe a little “Truth” lipgloss on top, it’s a knock-out!

“Sunkissed” is a peach blush that has both brown and pink in it, creating a very natural look. I applied the stick directly to my skin, and then blended with my fingers. I did the same with “Bronzed” which is a brown toned bronzer…no orange to be found in there! I loved the warm, subtle glow it created. All of the Beauty Balms create a dewy look and feel very moisturizing. Like the lipglosses, the Beauty Balms have no scent, are 100% natural and are made with 85% certified organic ingredients.

I was also able to sample the All-Over Skin Creme, Lip Balm, and All-Over Body Balm. The Skin Creme is wonderful. It has a lovely citrus smell, moisturizes effectively and comes in a tube that fits easily into your handbag. I’m heading to San Francisco this weekend, and it’s coming with me! The Lip Balm didn’t impress me as much. The texture was too thin, and frankly, my holy grail is Dr. Hauschka’s Lip Care Stick and that’s hard to compete with. On the other hand, I did really like the All-Over Body Balm as a lip balm. Not quite as much as my Dr. H, but almost, and that’s saying a lot.

Freedom Lipgloss $25, Freedom Glow Beauty Balm $34, All Over Skin Creme $33, Lip Balm $22, All Over Body Balm $22: Available at

Disclosure: Samples from the company’s PR agency were provided for this review. The opinons in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.


Vapour Organic Beauty. Truly Pure Mineral Makeup.

I’ll admit I didn’t know what to expect when I first used Vapour Organic’s Atmosphere Luminous Foundation. I’ve used many loose mineral powder and pressed mineral powder foundations, but Vapour Organic’s is a stick foundation and I had never used a stick foundation, mineral or otherwise. I’m rather partial to my Jane Iredale PurePressed Mineral Foundation, but I went into this review with an open mind and found Vapour Organic’s Luminous Foundation to be their stand-out product.

My skintone is light to medium olive (MAC NC30 for you MUA types), so they sent me shade 120 (light to medium) which was a perfect match. My biggest problem with foundations is they love to turn pink on me. I’m assuming shade 120 has a touch of yellow in it as the foundation not only avoided the dreaded pink hue, it actually quieted down areas of pinkish irritation. The texture of the stick foundation was surprisingly smooth, and glided across my skin with the use of my normal moisturizing routine underneath (either Kahina’s Facial Lotion or Dr. Hauschka’s Quince Day Cream). Using my fingertips, I was able to blend the foundation smoothly and effortlessly.

The Luminous Foundation provides light to medium coverage depending on how much you apply, and gives a wonderful luminosity with what I would consider a matte finish. It’s not dewy like so many other tinted moisturizers and foundations, which I do like, but this is a great option for those who might prefer a different look. It’s also a terrific choice if you have oily skin but still want a luminous quality to your makeup.

And for the record, I’m officially a stick foundation convert! How easy is it to travel with, and carry this little stick in your bag?

The Stratus Instant Skin Perfector comes in the same size stick as the foundation, and according to the Vapour Organic Beauty website, it’s to be used under the Luminous Foundation. Well, I never used it like that. In the colder months, my skins gets pretty parched, and that combination would have been too drying. Instead, I used the Skin Perfector on its own as a luminzer and found it to be very similar in texture and finish to the Luminous Foundation, minus the pigment. In my opinion, it would make a fabulous, very subtle luminizer (no sparkles!) for someone who leans oily or who wants a matte finish rather than a dewy finish. (According to Teri Bly over at, she loved the Skin Perfector underneath the Luminous Foundation as a primer).

Aside from the Luminous Foundation, the other product that will get much use from this gal is the Aura Multi Use Blush in Spark. If you look at the swatch on the website, you’ll see Spark as a pale peach color. Look at the picture of color of the stick in the tube, it’s far more accurate. Spark a bright peachy pink, with a barely perceptible golden shimmer that blends smoothly over the Vapour Organic Luminous Foundation. It has a nice slip on the skin and a sheer application, but the color builds evenly if you want more intensity. The Multi Use Blush can be used as a lip color, and Spark makes for a sweet nude/pink color on my pigmented lips. I always feel the need to add a little Dr. Hausckha’s Lip Care Stick for some extra shine, but then I’m a lipgloss girl at heart.

The details on Vapour Organic Beauty are impressive. Everything I have reviewed here has at least 70% organic ingredients and everything in their line is 100% natural. The organic ingredients include sunflower oil, evening primrose oil, frankincense, fruit oils and lotus flowers. The other 30% are either wild-crafted botanicals or are mineral pigments that do not have an organic certification. In addition, Vapour Organic’s products are manufactured using wind power and its packaging is either recylable or made from recycled content. I’m loving the beauty and efficacy of their products, and their dedication to being green.

Atmosphere Luminous Foundation $44

Stratus Instant Skin Perfector $48

Aura Multi Use Blush $28

Vapour Organic Beauty is available at their website

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Disclosure: Samples from the company’s PR agency were provided for this review. This post contains affiliate links. The opinons in this review are my own. 



rms beauty: Creamy Mineral Makeup


Pure, all-natural, unadulterated, mineral makeup. That’s what celebrity makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift is offering with her rms beauty line. This means the ingredients are all in their natural state and have not been processed in any way. On the rms philosophy page of their website, you can read in greater detail about this, but suffice to say, their ingredients are food grade quality and organic, with all of their nutrients intact.

Over the past several weeks I have tried three rms products, the living luminizer, cream eyeshadow, and lip2cheek. I placed my rms order with SpiritBeautyLounge after I saw their Tweet for 20% off (which they frequently offer) and am pleased to report that not only did I discover a fabulous new makeup line, but a new favorite online store. SpiritBeautyLounge provided me fast shipping, terrific samples and amazing customer service. (This was all before they knew I was a blogger, BTW).

RMS Living LuminizerLiving luminizer is so easy to apply it’s ridiculous. I love the frosted glass pots, and the surface of the luminizer is so smooth and creamy, your finger glides effortlessly over the top of the product and it blends right into your skin. The effect is glowy and dewy without any garish glitter. Under a very bright light, some slight sparkles are noticeable, but I had to have a hand mirror right up to my face to see that effect. Muse, one of the lip2cheek colors, is also a breeze to apply.RMS Muse But rather than a blush, I’d consider this a highlighter like living luminizer, and I certainly wouldn’t apply this light color on my lips. It’s on the beigey side and even more neutral than living luminizer, it’s dewy and luminizing as well, but gives less of a sheen. An appropriate analogy would be: Living Luminizer is to Nars Albatross as Muse is to Becca Hyawatha. Does that help anyone? Both rms products are gorgeous and natural, but if you want a really natural highlighter, pick Muse.

RMS SeduceI bought one full-sized eyeshadow, Seduce, and received one eyeshadow sample, Magnetic. Seduce is described as a “sensuous earth brown”, and Magnetic as a “taupe silver with a hint of mauve”. Those are pretty accurate. Seduce has an earth tone for its base, and there’s some taupeness to it as well but it’s not super mauvey. And wow! Is it ever gorgeous! I couldn’t have picked a better color for myself. I have brown hair with some highlights, brown eyes and an olive complexion, but I think Seduce would be flattering on most complexions. It’s got a flash of silver when the light hits it just right which creates a brightness that lightens up the face. I have been using this as an eyeliner, as I typically do with most of my eyeshadows. I take my eyeliner brush, run it over the surface and apply it directly to my lashline. It’s so easy. No fussing with powder, no need to add water…no mess. I’ve also used Seduce on my lids which creates a sheer wash of color that’s pretty and easy to apply. It does crease, which happens with any shadow I use, but if I only use it on the first half of my lid I avoid the crease factor. This look works since the color is sheer, but can be intensified with more applications. Magnetic is far more metallic but also makes for a beautiful liner. Yet it’s simply not appropriate for day, at least not in my world. I’ll be saving my Magnetic sample for holiday parties.

RMS IllusiveAside from Muse, the lip2cheek colors have taken a little bit more work to get used to, but not too much. Bottom line, your skin needs to be very well hydrated before you apply your lip2cheek color and I don’t recommend applying it over powder. (I happen to like the look of cream blush under a light dusting of powder, but that’s up to you). My favorite color of the bunch was a sample of Illusive that I received with my order. It’s a neutral brownish rose (not too warm, not too cool) that gives your cheeks a healthy flush and easily doubles as a beautiful lip color. I prefer a glossy look so I dabbed a bit of Dr. Hausckha’s Lip Care Stick to achieve a subtle shine, and voilà! naturally glowing cheeks and rosy lips from one product. I purchased Modest, “a warm/pink salmon with a very subtle golden shimmer” according to SpiritBeautyLounge, and they pretty much nailed that description (although in real life the product is much brighter than pictured on their website). Don’t let the shimmer part keep you away if you’re thinking glitter, the shimmer is barely perceptible and gives more of a subtle glow. I prefer to wear Modest as a cheek color only, as it is too light and “corally” on my pigmented lips. The final lip2cheek sample I received was Smile, a pinker version of Modest, and the only product in the rms beauty line that contains a tiny amount of synthetic ingredient. (You can read about it in the disclaimer on their website). Smile, like Modest, was too light to wear as a lip color, but on the cheeks, both created a healthy look of good eating, hydration, and a brisk walk around the block.

As a make-up junky who has used almost every brand you can name, I am duly impressed with rms beauty. I love their color selection, the feel of the products, the packaging, and most of all, the fact that they have gone above and beyond most other “natural” cosmetic companies in keeping their ingredients pure. Again, there are a couple of caveats: your skin must have a moisturizer on it before you apply the lip2cheek color and my expectations of the eyeshadow might be different from yours… I am using it and loving it as an eyeliner.

rms beauty can be found at SpiritBeautyLounge$36 for lip2cheek and cream eyeshadows. $38 for Living Luminizer.

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NVEY ECO Organics Amour Rose Lipgloss


On rainy days with a lack of agenda, I often find myself clicking through old photos on my macbook to kill time and relive precious moments from the past, blah blah blah.  The problem becomes that, when looking back at photos of myself, I tend to be highly critical, and overly eager to jump into the frame immediately and begin damage control.  For your information the euphemistic illusion of damage control equates to an extensive self-loathing session that leads to exhaustion and frustration in the overall appearance of my face; and the utter un-preparedness in the candid that captures all my secrets. Let the nit picking begin. I usually kick things off with the disastrous amount of shine lighting my T-zone up as if I were staring at a disco ball during a solar eclipse. Next I proceed to shed a few tears over my androgynous bone structure that leaves me with no cheekbones to speak of. As I continue to marinate in the self deprecating depression-filled session with self, I decide to lead up to the climactic finale. Yes, with none other than the lips…or lack thereof in most of my photo ops, unfortunately.  Out of everything mentioned above, I would have to say that “lip presence” is a make or break phenomenon when it comes to the successes and failures of snapshots in time, caught forever on film.

For me, when a lack of lip color is the apparent problem in my overall appearance and general state of mind, I find that it hovers over my psyche like a cloud of doom from the cosmetic underworld of darkness. With that said, if I could list the top 10 most important factors of my balanced day, lip color on my yapper would rank right up there with the big boys.  It takes my whole person from drab to fab in one swift swipe of the tube and a few delicate strokes of a brush…pucker up and be changed.  As you can imagine, lipstick and lipgloss are a huge part of my everyday existence.

When picking a lipstick/gloss I usually try to consider at least three factors: texture, color, and wearability.  When preparing for this review…I would deliberately think in these terms on a daily basis while sporting NVEY’s Organic Lip Lustre in Amour Rose all over town. I am a fairly tough sell when it comes to trying new things out on my lips. I have established a norm of color fusion for my everyday look, which consists of a liner, about 4 different lipsticks, and maybe a gloss or two depending on the weather, my mood, etc.  Surprisingly enough, NVEY did not disappoint my lips and exceeded my expectations with fervent success.


I enjoyed the application process mostly due to the silky nature of the substance, and also the soft applicator wand.  Sometimes with lipgloss you have to take the applicator tip and press it down on your lip hard enough to get a liberal amount of gloss to pop out onto your lips just so that you are able to work with it and spread it around enough to make a noticeable statement. Do you hate that as much as I do?  Needless to say, this was not the case with the NVEY applicator. I had more than enough to work with after just one coat.  The gloss was usually used in an icing on the cake type of scenario, where I would apply a finishing coat of gloss to my already lipsticked lips. The texture of the lip gloss added instant surface area, clandestinely drizzling into each crack and crease in the folds of my puckered pout, birthing an evolution of multi-dimentional wearability. The traction formed by this combustion of consistencies was pure magic. And the funniest part? How quiet the whole process was. NVEY Organic Lip Lustre is a silent warrior, a timid yet bold superforce with which to be reckoned. With a muted shade oozing vivid pigment and fiery chroma, Amour Rose became the be all end all gateway to hue harmony.  I must have tried it with over 10 different lipsticks and each time it gave my lips new life. I felt like I was in the chemistry lab every morning in my bathroom. I would sit and watch the lustre conservatively merge with the lipstick creating an explosive partnership on my pout for me to enjoy all day. The muted pink with hints of mauve, was sheer enough to pull off the whole  “I’m not trying thing,” but substantial enough to make a presentable, polished statement.

I would recommend this product for the young and the old, the shy and the bold. And remember, next time you take a walk down memory lane and realize that you have no lips to speak of in any of the photos…think of me and capitalize on my words. A woman’s lips dressed in variations of colors, degrees, and textures have the ability to speak poetic justice to the masses. But if bare and alone, they can go unnoticed and forgotten. A missed opportunity to be avoided at all costs.

Posted by ~Katie:  Katie is a guest contributor for Scent Hive. She spends her time traveling, writing, and obsessing about the latest trends in the fashion and cosmetic industries. Her favorite pastime is honing her knack for popular trend cosmetics. When Katie needs to pay the bills she writes, blogs, and freelances as a make-up artist. She is also an adventure seeker around her home of the Pacific Northwest.

NVEY ECO Organics Lip Lustre is certified organic and made without parabens, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes. petro-chemicals, or phthalates. It is available at Nvey Eco.

Also please note that Amour Rouge is a brighter pink than the picture shows above right.


Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara


Finding a good buy in the green world of beauty can be a challenge, so when I read about Physicians Formula’s Organic Wear Mascara I was anxious to try it. The price point is decent at $9.95, although admittedly on the high end for a drug store product. But a steal compared to my current favorite, Dr. Haushcka’s mascara that has a hefty price tag of $25.95. Physicians Formula is running a rebate on the Organic Wear Mascara, so if you are willing to shell out the money up-front, it is essentially a free trial.

The details of this green mascara are impressive for a mass-market drugstore cosmetic.  According to the website, there are no parabens or synthetic presevatives in any of the Organic Wear products. The mascara is certified by ECOCERT (not all of the products in this line are) and I reviewed all of the ingredients and none of them are petroleum based. I have sent an email to Physicians Formula which will hopefully confirm this for the entire line.

For those of you accustomed to the more sophisticated packaging of let’s say, a Chanel or Dior mascara tube, be ready for a campy, not-so-sexy presentation of a beige tube with a metallic green leaf on top. Hopefully this is easy to get over, because the product is actually quite good. I’m not gonna lie and say Organic Wear will give you the same lashes that Chanel’s Inimitable does. (I still use that when a night out calls for it). But the department store equivalent would be Clinique’s Natural Glossy which I used on a daily basis for years until I decided to clean up and go green. I have since switched to Dr. Hauschka’s mascara, but am always on the look-out for something better or at least as good and less expensive. Organic Wear’s is definitely as good as Dr. Hauschka’s and is definitely cheaper!

As for its performance, it darkens the lashes, makes them fuller, and lengthens moderately. It gives a natural, everyday look. Unfortunately, Organic Wear Mascara has a slightly sour, waxy smell. The first time I used it, the smell lingered for most of the day. The second time I used a lighter application and the smell was fainter. This could end up being a deal breaker for me as I am very sensitive to smell in products that I use on my face. I either need them to be unscented, have it dissipate quickly, or I need to love the scent.

Regardless, I think this is a great product and if you are willing to fill out the rebate form, give it a try. If you do, leave a comment and let us all know what you think! Or let us know what “green” mascaras you have tried and leave your feedback.

UPDATE: May 15, 2009. I just got my rebate check yesterday for those of you curious about how long that would take. Looks like 3 months exactly.

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