Rachel’s Plan Bee. Your Plan A for all natural body care.

If you frequent green beauty on the internet, you have certainly run across Rachel’s Plan Bee in a blog review or on social media. And for good reason! This small, family owned business makes delicious body care products that envelop your skin in nourishing oils, butters and all natural fragrance. I have spent several months with RPB’s Body Scrub, Bee Cream, Body Butter and Body Oil and am ready to share my thoughts.

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Natural Hawaiian Skincare from Mahina and Queen Bee

Queen Bee Mahina Flat Lay

While I was in Maui, I was on the lookout for all natural, small batch skincare and found a gold mine in the adorable town of Paia. There I rediscovered Mana Foods, a crazy haven for all things natural, like your local health food store on steroids. There’s an alcove off to the side that is full of natural beauty items. When I happened upon Queen Bee I knew I would buy something from their line, it was just a matter of deciding what! I also stumbled into Wings, which is the cutest beachy boutique with a well edited selection of clothes, accessories, jewelry and skincare. I left Wings with a necklace, two hats and the Mahina skincare you see above.

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Balm, Mousse, Oil and Cream: All Natural Winter Hand Rescues

Balms 1

It hasn’t even been that cold here yet, and already my hands are uncomfortably dry. Or I should say, were uncomfortably dry. Thanks to these all natural skin care products, my hands are on the mend.

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Nahla Beauty’s Foaming Cleansers

One of the most commonly asked questions here on Scent Hive is; What is my favorite foaming cleanser? Up until this point, I’ve never had an emphatic answer. There are several that I really like, Kahina Facial Cleanser and John Masters Rose Foaming Face Wash being among them. Both of those do a great job of cleansing, smell terrific and are gentle on the skin. But they don’t foam, I mean really foam into a lush lather. It might be a psychological thing, but there are times when I want that serious foaming action. Whether it be after a hard work-out or in the summer when my skin can get a little oily, I want a cleanser that delivers the soapsuds!

I bought a bottle of Nahla Beauty’s Forest Mint Cleansing Milk several years ago when the company’s name was Talulah Skincare. I was very impressed with it at the time, but since I try so many different skincare lines, it fell off my radar. Then I found a 15% off coupon at Leaping Bunny (the promo page is still up so check it out) which renewed my interest.

I received my bottle a few weeks ago, and I now find myself asking; Why did I wait so long to order again? This milky smooth cleanser whips up into a luxurious lather which feels so soft and nourishing. My face is thoroughly cleansed after use, and never feels dry or taut. Its scent is indeed minty, but not a cooling way. It’s more herbal than menthol with hints of sage and thyme. I love that the first ingredients are hydrosols of rose, calendula and St. John’s wort. You’ll find jojoba oil a bit further down the list which adds to the preferred gentle touch I mentioned.

Now that Forest Mint Cleansing Milk is back in my possession, you can be sure I won’t be without it again. Its gentle efficacy and superb foaminess will keep me coming back for more, but Nahla Beauty’s commitment to using all natural ingredients that are handmade in small batches as well as their exceptional customer service is what ultimately has turned me into a devoted customer.

If you have oilier skin or combination skin in the summer months like me, you might want to consider Nahla’s Geranium Sap Purifying Cleanser.  I bought this cleanser last summer while visiting the Strange Invisible Perfumes boutique in Venice, Ca. when my skin was “acting up”. It helped get some blemishes under control, but never dried out my skin. The Geranium Sap cleanser is definitely stronger than Forest Milk, so if you have very dry skin, I don’t recommend it. During the colder months I only use it when I need a really deep cleansing. Its scent is strongly redolent of geranium, so do take that into account. I adore the vibrantly herbaceous scent, but I’m sure it’s not for everyone.

Nahla Beauty does offer samples and sample kits, so I encourage you to go that route if you’re looking into this line for the first time.

Forest Forest Mint Gentle Foaming Cleanser is $36 for 4oz. Geranium Sap Purifying Cleanser is $32 for 4oz. They’re a little on the high end, but so worth it as a little goes a very long way with both of these cleansers.


In Fiore's Lustra Cleansing Balm Concentré


In Fiore has held a special place in my naturals-lovin’ heart since before I started Scent Hive. Dayala Body Balm and Jasmin Supérieur Bath and Body Oil had me the instant I smelled their jasmine potencies and wowed me with their superb hydrating abilities. Dayala especially because In Fiore’s Body Balms are super thick, but warm into your skin leaving it supple and in Dayala’s case, smelling like rich lemongrass infused jasmine.


As much as I love In Fiore’s body products, I might love Lustra Cleansing Balm Concentré just a tad more. Julie Elliot, creator of In Fiore, was not messing around when she concocted Lustra and she’s serious about the “Balm” in its name. Lustra looks like a thick oil based mud, and at first you might wonder why you decided to bring it home. But don’t hesitate to slather it on your face because the thick brown balm smells heavenly and leaves it softer than any mask or skin treatment I have used thus far.


Because Lustra contains ground oats and almond meal, it is quite granular. Therefore, I massage it very gently into my skin and prefer to leave it on for at least 10 minutes, ideally while bathing. If I’m heading directly for bed, I rinse off Lustra just enough to remove the granules but not too much so the luxurious balm can revitalize and hydrate overnight.


Lustra’s healing balm is made only of organic, biodynamic or wildcrafted ingredients including grapeseed oil, jojoba seed oil and beeswax. Rosebuds and the essential oil of geranium sur fleur rose (rose geranium distilled simultaneously with fresh petals of Damascus rose) impart a vibrantly rosy-rose geranium aroma upon Lustra which adds an unparalleled olfactory dimension to this facial treatment.


Lustra is available at Beautyhabit.com and InFiore.net $125 for 8oz. When I visited In Fiore last fall, samples were available. Please call their boutique for more information. 415-928-5661

Additionally, heed this warning. You don’t want your precious Lustra to spoil!

**This is a LIVE product that is activated by exposure to water. Keep product out of shower or bath to avoid exposure to water and steam. Store in a dry place away from moisture.

Ingredients: Organic, Biodynamic or Wildcrafted Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Beeswax, Geranium Sur Fleur Rose Oil, Cold-Pressed Bergamot Peel Oil, Cypress Leaf Oil, Organic & Wildcrafted Ground Oats, Rosebuds, Lavender Flowers, Calendula Blossoms, Red Clover, Chamomile Flowers, Marshmallow Root, Rosehips, Almond Meal Vitamin E and Rosemary Extract.

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Disclosure: I was lucky enough to have received my jar of Lustra in an MUA swap. The opinions in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.


Melvita Cleansing Foam


Evanhealy skincare has become the mainstay of my daily regimen, but I do like to change things up sometimes, especially with my cleansers. A few times a week I use Laventine’s Cleansing Facial Oil either on its own or before I use the evanhealy Rose Cleansing Milk. Other days I crave a foam cleanser, but hadn’t found one with all of the qualities I require: all natural ingredients, lovely scent, soothing lather and of course, efficacy.

I have Nathan Branch to thank for passing my name onto the folks at Melvita, as their Cleansing Foam matches my criteria. Well, almost. The Cleansing Foam is not 100% natural, but pretty darn close at 99.54% with 33.80% percent of the ingredients from organic farming. Those are numbers I can live with to experience a fabulously foamy cleanser.  Additionally, Melvita’s products do not contain parabens, DMDM hydantoin, phenoxyethanol, PEGs or phthalates.

After my Melvita Cleansing Foam arrived, it found its home in my shower, ready to go on those mornings when I’m in a hurry. And let’s face it, that’s most mornings. It’s incredibly fast and easy to use as the pump dispenses the product with little effort and a few pumps is plenty to create a luxurious lather. Aloe vera is the second ingredient which lends its soothing properties while blackcurrant fights off free radicals. I don’t see orange blossom on the ingredient list, but this cleanser has a very delicate citrusy floral scent that is noticeable but neither overwhelms nor lingers. I love it.

For more reviews on Melvita, check out Product Junkies Rehab for a review of Melvita’s Young Skin line, and their Frequent Wash Shampoo.

Melvita Cleansing Foam ia available at usa.melvita.com and skinbotanica. $19 for 1.7oz pump.

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Disclosure: A sample was sent to me for consideration by Melvita. The opinions in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.


Organic Wear 100% Natural Eye Makeup Remover

I took a detour into the makeup section of my local mega-store the other day, looking for the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear display. I wasn’t on the hunt for anything in particular, just wanted to see if there was anything that would pique my interest. The bright orange coupons touting $3 off any Organic Wear purchase certainly caught my eye, and I proceeded to look in earnest.

I have already tried the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara and Eyeliner, and wasn’t wowed by either, so I knew I’d pass those up. The blushes and bronzers looked OK, but I wasn’t feeling ready to commit. A quick scan of the lowest shelf yielded the score I was after, all natural eye makeup remover. And $3 off the already reasonable price of $6.95 made the deal more than done.

So how did my  bargain pan out? Terrifically! Mind you, I don’t have outrageous expectations of an eye makeup remover, only two simple requirements. It must take off makeup easily, and not sting my eyes. Organic Wear’s Eye Makeup Remover was a success on both counts. It also felt good on my skin thanks to cucumber extract and has a nice, mild lavender scent.

Upshot: Highly recommend and I’ll buy it again. Added bonus: Recyclable container.


Organic Wear 100% Natural Eye Makeup Remover is available at drug stores nationwide. $6.95 for 4 oz.

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Ava Anderson Sugar Lip Scrub

First, apologies for the dearth of posts this past week. I have been busier than usual at work, and I was also preparing for a dance performance that happened last night. The excitement and busy-ness have settled for a moment, so I find myself  this Saturday morning with a little time to ponder life’s pressing issues, like….Do I need a lip exfoliator?

Funny I should ask myself that question, because I never thought I did, until I used one. Ava Anderson’s Sugar Lip Scrub is a treat to use. It smells minty fresh, tastes like sugar (no big shock given the name) and is an effective but gentle exfloliator. The ingredient list (Shea Butter, Pistacia Vera Seed Oil, Sucrose, Menthol Crystal, Spearmint Leaf Oil) is simple and all natural. So much so that I could probably make this at home myself. But in reality I know that’s not gonna happen and I probably would never achieve the perfect texture of Ava’s Lip Scrub.


So is this little pot of joy a necessary step in one’s skin care? For me, probably not a necessity, but something I appreciate having in my armamentarium. I have been wearing lipstick more frequently and this certainly helps remove dry skin flakiness to create a smoother look. So give it a try if you are a lip exfoliator fan or if even if you’re just a little intrigued by a balm that makes your lips smooth, hydrated and a little more pout-worthy.

Ava Anderson Sugar Lip Scrub (as well as her all natural skincare line) is available at Ava Anderson Non-Toxic for $12.95.

Other review of Ava Anderson at Palacinka Beauty and Beauty Banter.

Photograph: Secret by ellemoss at etsy.com
Disclosure: The sample of Sugar Lip Scrub was sent to me by Ava Anderson PR. The opinons in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.