Chocolate Sun. All Natural Sunscreen for Face and Body

Update: I can no longer recommend the use of sunless tanners at this point as new research has come to light since posting this review. The second ingredient in this product is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is the developer, and has been linked to genetic alterations, DNA damage, and cancer. Up until now, the biggest concern has been the inhalation of this chemical (even though it is naturally derived) but now it seems DHA might be able to penetrate deeper into the skin unlike previously thought. Since one typically applies a great deal of self tanner onto most of their skin, this worries me and I am not willing to take that risk or endorse the product. The gals at No More Dirty Looks have done an excellent job of breaking down this concern and I encourage you to read this post and to do your own research to determine your comfort level in using Chocoalte Sun, or any other self-tanner.  Continue reading “Chocolate Sun. All Natural Sunscreen for Face and Body”