February 2016 Boxwalla Unboxing (Video!)

Hello! Please check out my very first YouTube video. The February Beauty Box by Boxwalla was out of this world. I am loving everything in it! It includes: Lalun Naturals Winter Rose Toner and Moon Butter, CocoaPink Amber Orange Body Lotion, and RMS Lip2Cheek in Smile as well as their blush brush. It is a fabulous box!

They are sold out, but please do check out the review as you can purchase the items individually and sign up for the April Box! I hope you enjoy and please leave me feedback. Thanks!


Boxwalla’s First Beauty Box!


I feel very honored to feature this first ever Beauty Box that was sent to me by Boxwalla. Boxwalla is a bimonthly subscription box service that features beauty, food, book and film boxes. If you want to change which box you get in a particular month, you can do that. February you can have beauty, and April you can have food! Their beauty boxes focus on non-toxic beauty products, and although the December box is now gone, I have been informed that there might be couple left if you want to inquire. But, the good news is, each of these products is available for individual purchase.

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