Puja Fragrance by evanhealy

Evan Healy is the woman behind my new favorite skincare line and given her dedication to sourcing only the highest quality botanical ingredients, the olfactory aspect of her skincare is not surprising. The true surprise is how much I have come to love her fragrance line with the inspired name, Puja.

Puja is a Sanskrit word that means adoration, which has its origins in the word Pu-chey, or “flower-action,” the offering of flowers to a deity. I am utterly crazy for the vision that “flower-action” elicits,  as well as the Puja fragrances themselves. There are a slew of choices in this fragrance line that Evan has carefully selected from India, each one unique and entirely all natural. Puja includes attars, botanical essences which are hydro-distilled in sandalwood oil, and a few that are hydro-distilled in vetiver oil. Ruhs are also offered which like authentic attars are made only from traditionally hydro-distilled botanicals, minus the sandalwood.

Currently, there are three vetiver attars available at evanhealy.com and I recommend vetiver admirers take note. My favorite of the trio is the Ginger Lily/ Vetiver attar. The vetiver in this fragrance is incredibly full and alive. It’s simultaneously crisp and warm; dense and refreshing. Ginger Lily/Vetiver is teeming with beautiful contradictions tempered only by its own inherent vetiver earthiness as ginger lily’s spicy floral verve remains boundless.

I have long been a devotee of vetiver, so it took me aback when I found myself more strongly drawn to the sandalwood attars. The sandalwood in the Puja attars is ethically harvested and provides an addictive creamy canvas for botanical essences like Night Queen, saffron, rose and jasmine. While the vegetal warmth of the Night Queen flower and the lushness of the jasmine blossoms entice with their redolence, it’s the sandalwood itself that has embraced me with a fervor.

But of all the Puja fragrances, only one consumes me with a sensual grasp I cannot shake, Summer Rose Attar. Summer Rose is like the taste of a sweet sandalwood delicacy on your tongue as it opens with gentle rose enveloped in a milky veil. The heart of this rosy attar belongs completely to sandalwood which becomes even more creamy and soothing while maintaining its potency as an aromatic wood. In the drydown, rose emerges once again, but unlike the powdery softness of the topnotes, this rose has a pulpy citrus quality that is unexpected but altogether gorgeous.

It’s truly no exaggeration when I say that I’m addicted to the Summer Rose Attar.  I stand before my collection each morning with every intention of applying a different scent, but I am continually lured by my bottle and its habit-forming contents. In fact, I have come to think of it as my totem attar. And now that fall is upon us today, it will be even harder to resist the comfort and beauty of Summer Rose.

Puja fragrances are available at evanhealy.com. Prices vary depending on the attar, but Summer Rose Attar $18.95 for 0.8 ml or $66.95 for 3.6 ml.

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Disclosure: Samples were sent to me for consideration by evanhealy. The opinions in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.


Evan Healy saved my skin.

My skin was acting strange this summer. It was simultaneously dehydrated and oily, and was not soft to the touch. I always drink lots of water, so I figured a search for an all natural skincare line that would address my skin’s needs was in order. Evan Healy’s line, eponymously named evanhealy, had been on my radar for nearly a year, but I’d never fully explored her website much less try her products on my skin. Honestly, I don’t know what took me so long.

The evanhealy website is full of great information and void of gimmicks. It’s all about less is more, pure ingredients, beautiful scents, and consumer education. You’ll find a link to audio files on the evanhealy website that describe many of her products and how best to use them. After being duly impressed with Evan’s philosophy -“the less you interfere with the skin’s own ability to achieve balance, the better”- I decided to reach out to her about my skin troubles. She recommended her Rose Face Care for my dermal woes and was generous enough to send me a kit for review on Scent Hive.

If you’ve read my “About” page, you know I don’t do negative reviews. My primary focus here is on products made by indie, all-natural-ingredient-using artisans and I have no interest in creating negative press about a small business, especially in this economic climate. So I love, or at least like, everything I mention on Scent Hive. In the case of evanhealy, I love (and adore, and treasure) this line because my skin loves this line! The Rose Face Care Kit was the ideal recommendation for me since its primary action is to “re-establish a healthy hydro/lipid balance to combination skin,” which is what my skin so desperately needed.

My love affair started with the Rose Cleansing Milk. It’s a smooth, clay based cleanser that lathers slightly and smells of fresh rose geranium and a touch of rosewood. Coconut oil, white kaolin clay, aloe vera and rose hip oil create a soothing cleanser that gently removes dry skin. My skin feels clean and supple after its use and the lingering scent allows the pampering feeling to last a little longer.

The love only grew as I discovered the Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum in Rose and its ability to hydrate my skin and make it glow with such a small amount. In the morning, its effect is like a primer, giving a smoothness to the application of my tinted moisturizer and boosting its hydration. At night, I apply the Rosehip Serum after spritzing with evanhealy’s Rose Geranium Facial Tonic Hydrosol which nourishes the skin with antioxidants. When I use the serum and hydrosol together, I wake up with hydrated, well rested skin.

For added moisturizing, the Rose Vetiver Day Moisturizer is exceptional. First off, it smells amazing. The vetiver is earthy and grassy while the rose and rose geranium are floral and luxurious. I have been using less than a pea size amount mixed with my tinted moisturizer on days that I need a little extra hydration and it not only does that job, but imparts a dewy finish that looks healthy, not greasy.

Finally, the love continues for the French Rose Clay Mask, a clay powder that you mix with water to create a paste. Of all the evanhealy products, this was the one I was skeptical about. I’ve used many masks over the years, a few have been helpful but never extraordinary, so when I applied a thin coat of this clay mask I didn’t have high expectations. I was proven wrong as my skin was clearer and softer than I had ever remembered- save for post-facial smoothness. Rhassoul clay (Moroccan lava clay) apparently lives up to its reputation as a detoxifier, exfoliator, and glow enhancer. I’ve also added a small amount of the French Rose Clay Mask to the Rose Cleansing Milk which augments the milk’s exfoliating action and boosts its lather. I like this routine after a hard work-out or a really long stressful day.

So there you have it. My new skincare love that’s all natural, mostly organic, and lovingly made. Yesterday morning I ran out of the Rose Cleansing Milk and felt a little panicky. My skin has responded so well to the evanhealy regimen, that I hated to miss even a day. Thankfully, I had placed my order just in time. My package arrived yesterday afternoon with a full bottle (as well as full sizes of everything else from the Rose Care Kit). The way things are going, I don’t think I’ll ever be without it.

Reviews of Evan’s Puja fragrance line and bodycare will follow. I also bought a Blue Face Care Kit with my order as it seems perfect for transitioning into the colder months when my skin leans dry and sensitive. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Rose Face Care Kit is $29.95 at evanhealy.com. It provides 7-10 days of treatment.

Posted by ~Trish

Disclosure: A Rose Face Care Kit was sent to me for consideration by Evan Healy. The opinions in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.