Hope EDP by Tallulah Jane


With a name like Hope, one might assume this new fragrance from Tallulah Jane to be softly floral and maybe a little familiar. I know I did. But it’s not. It’s completely unique and while there are floral touches, they are sewn into Hope with sharp green threads and golden strands.

Like most of Tallulah Jane’s fragrances, Hope starts off green and citrusy. Galbanum is not listed in the notes, but its sharp-leafy likeness feels present to me. Green merges with mandarin and neroli which serve up a healthy dose of juicy orange and possibly some lemon zest found its way into the mix as well. While all of this sounds quite culinary, it quickly transforms into something more perfumey and really interesting.

Some high pitched floral notes weave their way into Hope’s evolution, mimosa being the most prominent, augmented by neroli’s lingering sweetness. It’s right about now, in the heart of Hope, as the blossoms emerge, that something really interesting happens. I believe it to be the presence of white champa leaf which I have never smelled on its own, but I’m certain that it is what I’m experiencing.

According to Eleanor Jane, the creator of Hope, white champa leaf is fruity and herbaceous and because of its tenacity, it behaves as a bridge throughout the progression of the perfume. It reminds me of boronia’s earthy-fruity-floral quality, but less tannic and more sweet. White champa leaf, also known as magnolia leaf oil, wraps itself around the greenness, the herbaceousness, the sweet blossoms, and even the sparkling citrus to merge them as a whole, yet singular experience.

The Tallulah Jane description of Hope states that it has a powdery, amber base. I would agree, but only within the context of wearing this perfume from start to finish. If you were to only smell the drydown of Hope, you might not think it particularly soft or powdery, but in comparison to the vibrancy of the opening and the heart, the drydown feels like a cuddly pillow full of vanilla and benzoin. And it’s lovely. If you’d like to smell Hope for yourself, leave a comment and I’ll send one lucky reader a sample! Drawing now closed.

If natural perfumes and animal friendliness mean a lot to you, then you’ll be pleased to know that not only are Tallulah Jane’s perfumes 100% natural, their products are also Leaping Bunny certified to be cruelty free and vegan. Additionally,¬†50% of all proceeds will be donated directly to the American Cancer Society.

Hope is available at TallulahJaneNYC.com and is $48 for 1oz bottle of EDP.

Illustration by Cecilia Carlstedt

Disclosure: A sample of Hope was provided by Tallulah Jane. Opinions in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.