Jordan Samuel Fragrances

Jordan Samuel Fragrances was created by Jordan Pacitti, a former corps de ballet member of the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle. When I say “former” I mean he just retired from the company this summer and is now focusing on his business full time.

Jordan Samuel launched in 2007 while Pacitti was still dancing with PNB, and has now made the complete transition from established professional dancer to burgeoning natural fragrance artisan. Currently his website and etsy shop are stocked with four soy candles and a fragrance called Before. All of his products are handmade without the use of synthetic or toxic ingredients. Additionally, Jordan Samuel Fragrances are all certified organic, wildcrafted or natural.

The fragrance Before is dedicated to several people in Pacitti’s life who have struggled with cancer. Clearly, it’s a very personal creation, one that is sharp and vibrant, as well as soft and serene. Before is heralded with a mighty dose of crisp bergamot and juicy lemon, not for those who shy away from bold citrus notes as they move from the opening well into the heart. The exhilaration is tempered slightly by rose and vanilla in the middle and with more smoothing of the brisk edges in the drydown.

Before is also a candle that smells nearly identical to the fragrance. The main difference being an abundance of lavender that mingles with the bergamot and lemon. Before, the candle, is a well-balanced citrusy lavender that suffuses a room gracefully. It has a nice throw, but does not overpower the air with its scent.

There are three other candles currently on the Jordan Samuel website, all of which are cocktail inspired, my favorite being Mojito. The brightness of spearmint smells of freshly picked sprigs while a touch of lime and vanilla bring forth a lively sweetness that is cheerful and refreshing.

Margarita continues the citrus theme as lime mingles with mango and pineapple. The result is not as sugary sweet as the notes suggest though. When burning, this candle fills the room with a boozy margarita fragrance that’s heavy on the lime, the way I like ’em. Then we have Bellini, a creamy/fruity concoction that smells of apples dipped in milk. The candle’s notes do not include apple, but rather organic peach, nectarine and champagne. Whatever the produce, it’s simultaneously fruity, crisp and velvety.

A fitting end for this review comes from the words of PNB Founding Artistic Directors Kent Stowell and Francia Russell. I can’t think of a more loving and heartfelt sendoff. “As both a performer and a friend, he created his own unique place within the Company and will be sorely missed. The wonderful consolation is that he is the perfect example of the retiring dancer who is fully prepared for his transition and as passionate about his second career as he has always been about dance.” Bravo!

Jordan Samuel soy candles are $25 for an 8 oz candle or $25 for the cocktail travel set.  Before the fragrance is $56 for 2 oz spray or $40 for a 0.5 oz roll-on.

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1st Image: Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Jordan Pacitti in Agon. Photo: Angela Sterling ©. Source: The Seattle Times.

2nd image from JordanSamuel website

Disclosure: Samples were sent to me for consideration by Jordan Samuel Fragrances. The opinions in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.


Gabriel's Aunt Royal Couple, Jasmine and Rose Bliss

*Please note that Gabriel’s Aunt is now Rebel & Mercury, see link below for website. 

Gabriel’s Aunt (GA) isn’t entirely new to me. Nikki Sherritt, the creator of GA’s natural candles and perfumes, also pours candles for Ayala Moriel Parfums. I adore Ayala’s White Potion candle, so I figured I should give Nikki’s concoctions a try as well. I wasn’t expecting to be as crazy as I am over GA’s scents. In fact, after I wore the perfume samples Nikki sent me for a couple days, I promptly went to her etsy site and ordered some candles figuring if her perfumes were this good, her candles must be as well.

I will review everything I bought and was given by GA over the next few days (or weeks) but I wanted to start with Royal Couple, a heavenly combination of jasmine and rose that comes in both a cream perfume solid and a candle. Nikki describes her cream perfume solids as having just one or two essences in them to encourage layering. Yet Royal Couple’s short list of jasmine and rose belies its complex bouquet and is entirely lovely on its own.

After smoothing the perfume solid on my wrists and neck, I was reveling in thick and juicy jasmine petals…of the indolic jasmine grandiflorum variety. It’s a potent jasmine, but not so intense that it chokes the wearer or those around you. Rose was not a part of this jasmine-fest at the outset, but slowly made its way onto my skin, along with a spicy jasmine sambac development. I don’t know what jasmine Nikki uses for her Royal Couple blend, maybe it is a combination of the two. Regardless, the evolution of Royal Couple from heady and densely floral to a more piquant yet refined jasmine, was unforeseen and welcomed.

The drydown was equally delicious because I love a well-done vanillic floral base. Only Nikki knows if there’s a touch of vanilla (or maybe benzoin?) in Royal Couple, and if there isn’t she’s got a magic touch with the raw local beeswax she uses in her perfume solids. Organic coconut, jojoba and sweet almond oils are also used in the solids, making them a pleasure to apply to the skin. The scent has excellent longevity and I am seriously elated that Royal Couple is also offered in a candle.

GA’s candles are soy based, made with locally grown, Non-GMO soywax. Nikki never uses soy/paraffin blends which allows for clean and environmentally sound candle enjoyment. And like her perfumes, the candles are made with 100% all natural essences. The Royal Couple candle is a nice accompaniment to the solid perfume, as the rose essence flourishes with heat. It’s a freshly cut rose that is very full, thanks to the support of jasmine. As I began writing this post last night, I had the perfume solid on my skin, the candle burning beside me and I felt like I was in a royal garden filled with the freshest of jasmine and rose blossoms. It was bliss.

Royal Couple EDP (solid is no longer available) and  Royal Couple Candle  (Royal Couple is now the Rose, Jasmine, Grapefruit Everyday Collection Candle) are now available at Rebel & Mercury. 

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Disclosure: A sample of Royal Couple Cream Perfume Solid was provided for this review by Gabriel’s Aunt. The opinons in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.
“Madagascar Jasmine” at