Annual sale at Artemisia Natural Perfume

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Artemesia Natural Perfume is having their annual sale. Everything in the store is 20% from now until February 14, 2010, including samples. You have to check out the updated website, it is gorgeous! And you can read my reviews of Yuzu Citrus here and Ondine here. Enjoy!

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Artemisia Natural Perfume’s Ondine


Ondine. An ondine is a water nymph, beautiful and immortal according to German folklore. Ondine is also the namesake of a natural fragrance worthy of adorning that nymph. That is if the water girl likes to be anointed with milky blossoms washed over transparent woods.

Lisa Fong, creator of Ondine and her line Artemisia Natural Perfume, has made this water lovin’ gal particularly happy as I am partial to woody florals for autumn. Although, it’s not so much woody, but more suggestive of woods. Kewda attar is in the Ondine blend, which is made from the essential oil of kewda flowers and sandalwood oil. I have not smelled kewda flowers on their own, but the attar has a spring bouquet intensity, not unlike hyacinth, which is undeniably flowery. Narcissus is immersed in Ondine’s floral brew as well, making for heady bulb bliss.

I know some of you turned the other way after I mentioned hyacinth. That note seems to be a game changer for many. But read on. It’s not a literal hyacinth that I’m speaking of, the kewda attar simply reminds me of hyacinth upon its opening. The narcissus actually plays a more pivotal role in the topnotes, and the heart gets more earthy-floral as orris and violet leaf wrap themselves around the creamy, gentle sandalwood. Myrrh also gets into Ondine’s business, tiptoeing on the skin so its resinousness is soft and warm, rather than sharp or bitter.

And that’s how Ondine continues…shifting more into the earth, but never completely away from the flowers that blossom out of the earth. Seaweed is also mentioned in the notes on the Artemisia website. (This is a perfume dedicated to a water nymph afterall). However, I never sensed the seaweed, nor a watery or aquatic nature to Ondine. Nevertheless, gorgeous creatures deserve to have a lovely fragrance bestowed upon them, why not a springtime woody floral to keep those darker days at bay just a bit longer?

Ondine is available at Artemisia Natural Perfume. $78 for 17ml.

Posted by ~Trish

Ondine photograph at Galleries