My Favorite Body Wash is on Sale! Oracle Organics 35% Off.

A couple months ago I reviewed Oracle Organics Body Wash and declared it near perfect and I’m standing by that claim. It truly has become my favorite body wash for all of the reasons I mentioned in my earlier review. The lather is amazing, really lush and foamy. The top screws off easily making the #2 plastic bottle a snap to clean and recycle or reuse. And of course, the scents are fabulous. My first experience with Oracle Organics Body Wash was their Earth scent, a vetiver/patchouli blend with a hint of fir that is deep, earthy and warm. Its comforting redolence was ideal for 4bthose cold and rainy spring days of March and April (and let’s face it, here in the northwest we’re still having some in May). But looking onward to summer, I wanted to try some of their floral offerings.


Organic Garden was an obvious choice. Rose geranium is the primary note in this body wash, accompanied by subtle hints of lavender, lemon, and rosemary. I often shy away from rose geranium as its strength can be very overwhelming to the point of being headache inducing if used with a heavy hand. Michelle Gomez, creator of Oracle Organics, has showed restraint with this blend so the brightness of rose geranium can shine without overtaking the Organic Garden experience. 


I also gave Soothing Lavender a try which is a lavender, green tea and rosemary blend. While the rosemary in Organic Garden yielded mere wisps of its herbal nature, in Soothing Lavender, it’s a standout. The fresh, aromatic, and herbaceous qualities of rosemary and lavender compliment each other fluidly. 3cAnd depending on how rosemary interacts with your mind-set or possibly the time of day, I could see this body wash being soothing or invigorating. I love Soothing Lavender, and Michelle makes it in her massage oil as well, but I would only recommend this scent to those of you who love rosemary.


Speaking of the massage oil, Michelle added some of it in my last order for me to sample, and I give high praise for it as well. She sent the Strengthen Massage Oil which has rosemary and spearmint and it’s wonderful for achey muscles. The oil itself has great slip, only a little is needed, and it would also make a lovely after-bath moisturizer. In my first order I got the Ginger Lime Sugar Scrub and I also recommend that. Be aware that it’s strong on the ginger. I’ll be trying the citrus or mint next go around, but the scrub itself is wonderful. 


So now for the sale details!! Everything in the store is 35% off. Michelle is about to have a baby so she is closing her online store starting in June and will re-open once she gets settled being a new mama. When she does, she will be fully stocked including new items. When you put your item in the shopping bag, you will see the sale price reflected. For instance, the Body Washes that were $12 are now $7.40. The Sugar Scrubs that were $11 are now $7.15. As you can see, the prices are fantastic for this line of organic body care! I really can’t recommend Oracle Organics strongly enough and now is definitely the time to check them out. You can read here about the details of their green and ethical philosophy


Oracle Organics, available at their website

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Oracle Organics Earth Body Wash

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I have several criteria that need to be met before I fall in love with a body wash. Easy to use packaging. Recyclable packaging. Reasonably priced. Rich and foamy, luxuriously cleansing lather. Wonderful smell. And last but not least, it needs to be made with ingredients I want and nothing I don’t want. Amazingly, Oracle Organics Earth Body Wash meets them all. So yeah, it’s pretty much a perfect match.


Thankfully I read about this little company based outside of Eugene, OR on Fig + Sage’s website. All of their ingredients are either organic, wildharvested or handcrafted without the use of chemicals. Additionally, all of their products are vegan and never tested on animals. Oracle Organics also does not use palm oil as, according to the owner Michelle Gomez, palm oil plantations are responsible for the destruction of Southeast Asia’s rainforests. (You can read more about that here on their website).


After perusing the Oracle Organics website, I knew I had to try a couple of their products. Not only did I appreciate their devotion to the environment, their full disclosure of ingredients as the gals pointed out in their review over at Fig + Sage, but I was also taken in by their lovely scent offerings. When I saw the Earth Body Wash with vetiver, it immediately went into my shopping cart. I was a little leary of the Douglas Fir in the description, but decided to give it a go. I am so glad I did. The vetiver lives up to the wash’s name with its earthy, balsamy scent. While the fir is barely perceptible, (no Christmas potpourri action thank goodness) it’s just enough to give it some green depth. There’s a touch of patchouli, but don’t be scared. Even though we’re talking Eugene, Oregon this is not a hippie scent. The delicate patchouli lends itself beautifully towards this warm earthy scent, and the abundant soapy lather that develops effortlessly.


I also tried the Ginger Lime Sugar Scrub which I will give a rave review for the product, but not so much for the scent. The scent part is really my fault though. I don’t like ginger and I’m not sure why I got it. I think it’s because the product description mentioned it being a “scent of the islands”, but I should have known better. I think I will try the Purify Sugar Scrub with mint and green tea next time because overall, I loved the scrub. The consistency is like a paste and is not messy at all. It’s not too granular, feels great on the skin and is nicely moisturizing. 


And I have great news! Not only is Oracle Organics reasonably priced to begin with, ($12 for the wash, $14 for the scrub) everything on the website is 25% off until the end of March. The discount is applied once you add the product to your shopping cart. 


Oracle Organics, available at their website.


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