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Scrubs, body butters, and beautiful bar soaps make my brain go fuzzy and any semblance of rational thoughts about what I already have at home quickly fades to gray and I get all giddy inside. Have you been to Sabon? This is the kind of place where such a stupor can occur if you’re anything like me around said body products, especially when this tempting haven for all things body and bath has a new organic line.

It’s not like I didn’t have enough to tempt me while I was in New York this summer (read here and here if you’re curious about what else what I discovered). But there were, and are, plenty of opportunites to stumble across a Sabon boutique when you’re walking the streets of NYC as there are seven locations in Manhattan, as well as one in Garden City, NY (shout out to Roosevelt Field Mall!), one in Boston, and two in Chicago. If you’re not close to one of those cities, no worries, you have access to all of their products via their website.

My two favorites from the Organic Skincare line are the Organic Butter Cream and the Organic Body Scrub. These are made from 98.86% and 100% natural ingredients respectively, and both contain ingredients certified by ECOCERT. The Organic Butter Cream is thick, whipped, creamy perfection. It comes beautifully presented in a glass jar, with elegant wood and curlicues as a background design on the label. A little bird and flower illustrations are extra flourishes, and these things matter, especially when you might be considering them as gifts. More importantly though, it effectively moisturizes while not being greasy in the slightest. This is amazing considering it contains shea butter, olive, macadamia, and jojoba oils. It absorbed into my skin immediately, and left a light yet noticeable fragrance of delicate flowers dipped in melted beeswax. The scent wears close to the skin, making it perfect for the office or totally not for the office if you know what I mean.

Sabon Basin

Moving on to the Organic Body Scrub. If you’ve never stepped into a Sabon boutique, you’ve missed out on a big part of their marketing plan. Dark wood, product lined shelves entice you into the back of their store where a rustic basin awaits, along with a sales associate to massage your tired and weary hands with one of their scrubs. I went for the organic one. It’s lovely. Again, like the Organic Butter Cream, the presentation is perfect; weighty glass jar with silver top, label expertly embellished with dainty flowers and vintage motifs. The scrub itself is utilitarian meets luxury. It gets the job done of exfoliating (you might want to go easy on sensitive skin), and in the process, leaves your skin baby smooth. That’s the first time I’ve used baby smooth on this blog. It’s so over used in advertising isn’t it? But seriously, most apropos in this scrub situation. Sabon’s Organic Body Scrub smells just like the Organic Body Cream, but lighter on both the floral and honeyed notes.

There are other natural offerings at Sabon, without the organic ingredients, but you have to be a bit of a sleuth to find them. Unfortunately the website does not list the ingredients under the individual products, something customer service has informed me they are considering, and I certainly hope they follow through. They use some synthetics and petrochemicals, including aromachemicals, so read the labels if you’re at the store, or contact customer service and they will write you back with the list of ingredients if you prefer to avoid those ingredients.

Aside from the Organic Body Cream and Scrub, Sabon’s Body Butters were my prized find. They are made with essentials oils, shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax. I preferred Vanilla Coconut as it is a delectable little brick of moisturizing goodness. One swipe of my finger across the top of the butter bar is more than enough to hydrate my hands and upper arms, and plenty to scent my skin for the entire day. Was there some mention that I didn’t like musk? Did I say that? I need to retract that from my previous posts because Vanilla Coconut Body Butter is definitely on the musky side, and I love it! I don’t know what essential oils they have used to create a white musk/clean musk softness (I’m taking customer service’s word here that there are no synthetics in the body butter), but musk is definitely present to my nose. And major props to Sabon for getting the vanilla coconut blend just right. The coconut avoids that weird plastic accord that plagues many other coconut scents and the vanilla never becomes foody or too sweet. Surprisingly, it works just as well in cooler weather as it does in summer’s heat. It’s cozy and comforting. A “let’s snuggle up” kind of scent.

I’d love to share samples of my discoveries, so leave a comment and I’ll enter you in the giveaway to try samples from my Organic Butter Cream, and Vanilla Coconut Body Butter as well as samples from the store that I have not used; Organic Face Serum, Organic Hand Cream and Organic Eye Lifting Serum. I’ll take comments for a few days and let you know who the winner is at the beginning of next week. The winner is Katy!

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Photo of Sabon’s basin from Mes Petits Choux


My Favorite Body Wash is on Sale! Oracle Organics 35% Off.

A couple months ago I reviewed Oracle Organics Body Wash and declared it near perfect and I’m standing by that claim. It truly has become my favorite body wash for all of the reasons I mentioned in my earlier review. The lather is amazing, really lush and foamy. The top screws off easily making the #2 plastic bottle a snap to clean and recycle or reuse. And of course, the scents are fabulous. My first experience with Oracle Organics Body Wash was their Earth scent, a vetiver/patchouli blend with a hint of fir that is deep, earthy and warm. Its comforting redolence was ideal for 4bthose cold and rainy spring days of March and April (and let’s face it, here in the northwest we’re still having some in May). But looking onward to summer, I wanted to try some of their floral offerings.


Organic Garden was an obvious choice. Rose geranium is the primary note in this body wash, accompanied by subtle hints of lavender, lemon, and rosemary. I often shy away from rose geranium as its strength can be very overwhelming to the point of being headache inducing if used with a heavy hand. Michelle Gomez, creator of Oracle Organics, has showed restraint with this blend so the brightness of rose geranium can shine without overtaking the Organic Garden experience. 


I also gave Soothing Lavender a try which is a lavender, green tea and rosemary blend. While the rosemary in Organic Garden yielded mere wisps of its herbal nature, in Soothing Lavender, it’s a standout. The fresh, aromatic, and herbaceous qualities of rosemary and lavender compliment each other fluidly. 3cAnd depending on how rosemary interacts with your mind-set or possibly the time of day, I could see this body wash being soothing or invigorating. I love Soothing Lavender, and Michelle makes it in her massage oil as well, but I would only recommend this scent to those of you who love rosemary.


Speaking of the massage oil, Michelle added some of it in my last order for me to sample, and I give high praise for it as well. She sent the Strengthen Massage Oil which has rosemary and spearmint and it’s wonderful for achey muscles. The oil itself has great slip, only a little is needed, and it would also make a lovely after-bath moisturizer. In my first order I got the Ginger Lime Sugar Scrub and I also recommend that. Be aware that it’s strong on the ginger. I’ll be trying the citrus or mint next go around, but the scrub itself is wonderful. 


So now for the sale details!! Everything in the store is 35% off. Michelle is about to have a baby so she is closing her online store starting in June and will re-open once she gets settled being a new mama. When she does, she will be fully stocked including new items. When you put your item in the shopping bag, you will see the sale price reflected. For instance, the Body Washes that were $12 are now $7.40. The Sugar Scrubs that were $11 are now $7.15. As you can see, the prices are fantastic for this line of organic body care! I really can’t recommend Oracle Organics strongly enough and now is definitely the time to check them out. You can read here about the details of their green and ethical philosophy


Oracle Organics, available at their website

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Photos from Oracle Organics website