Osmanthus Oolong by Providence Perfume Co (+ giveaway)

My first experience with a high quality oolong tea was two summers ago at the Tea Cup in Seattle. I wasn’t planning on tea shopping, but its charming storefront lured me in, and an hour later the very patient and knowledgeable staff were my new BFFs. Having been a longtime fan of jasmine green tea, I expressed interest in tea with a floral quality, and was very appropriately directed to their Green Dragon Oolong.

Oolong tea is made from the same plant as green and black teas, Camellia sinensi,  the difference being oxidation of the leaves. Oolong is semi-oxidized, black tea is fully oxidized, and green is un-oxidized. This “middle tea”  is grown in China and Taiwan, the most coveted being from their mountainous regions. My Tea Cup discovery, Green Dragon from Taiwan, is considered a High Mountain Oolong and possesses sweetness, complexity and a soft floral aspect. You can witness the large leaves unfold as the tea steeps, releasing its toasted floral notes.

The segue brewing here is that Providence Perfume Co’s Osmanthus Oolongis a perfume akin to the experience of drinking in the beautiful and soothing perfume of Green Dragon. Your skin and nose sip Osmanthus Oolong like a precious tea, as its aroma wafts tenderly and lasts well into the day.


Charna Ethier, creator of Providence Perfume Co, created the base of her oolong fragrance using a blend of black, green and roobois teas as well as tinctured apricots and peaches. Although these notes anchor the drydown with a fruity tannic infusion, they are very fluid throughout the composition, even from the opening. Yuzu and bergamot are in the topnotes as well, but added with sleight of hand. The citrus is barely perceptible but its presence allows for a sparkling beginning.

Just minutes into wearing Osmanthus Oolong, its fruity floral nature unfurls amidst the warm tea blend. It becomes fleshy and sensual with the peachiness of the osmanthus blossom which is heightened by the apricot and peach tinctures. I am continually mesmerized by the scent of osmnathus and its ability to be simultaneously dry and soft, fruity and balsamic. Champaca is another flower that embodies a similarly sophisticated dichotomy, and its presence creates a full-bodied heart along with rose otto and aglaia flower.

The heart also possesses another vital note which marries the tea aroma to the fruity floral melange; beeswax. Beeswax on its own exudes warmth and a honeyed sweetness of course. In Osmanthus Oolong it glides across the fragrance, all melted and smooth, like a resinous confection. As the drydown progresses, the beeswax melds into frankincense and copaiba balsam, finally evolving into a honeyed resinous perfume that is as beautiful as it is intoxicating.

If you would like to experienceOsmanthus Oolong, please leave a comment to be entered for a 1/2 oz bottle!  You can get extra entries if you follow Providence Perfume Co on Facebook. Extra entries as well if you follow Scent Hive on Bloglovin, Twitter, Google Friend Connect,Facebook’s Networked Blogs, or subscribe to Scent Hive. Please let me know in your comment what you did so you get the entries you deserve! You have until Tuesday Nov.11th at 9pm PST to enter. Drawing now closed.

All Providence Perfume fragrances are 100% natural, made from plants, fruits, flowers and woods.

Osmanthus Oolong is available at ProvidencePerfume.com. $25 for a 5ml bottle, $68 for a 1/2 oz roller bottle, and $112 for a 1 oz spray.

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Image by Barbara Carter at etsy.

Disclosure: Samples were sent to me for consideration by Providence Perfume Co. The opinions in this review are my own. I was not financially compensated for this review or any other.