May Flowers: Pink Rhododendrons

It’s a full moon today. When the sun sets, the glow of the moon will illuminate our paths and say goodnight to us through our windows. Its light is not its own of course, but that of the sun, reminding us that we are capable of reflecting light from others in times of darkness.

Fortunately, the darkness is receding and May’s full moon will rise and set at the time many rhododendron flowers are at their peak. They too glow through my window with an abundant pale pink luminescence that brings me joy year after year.

We have two very large rhododendrons in front of our house, so large in fact that they are its defining feature. They are no longer shrubs at this point, we call them trees. Squirrels and chickadees frolic in their branches, while bumblebees collect pollen from their full blossoms. I’m sure they appreciate our rhododenrons’ voluptuousness as much as we do.

I’d like to thank Roxana Villa of Roxana Illuminated Perfume for asking me to be a part of the May Flowers event. Writing this piece makes me appreciate our beautiful rhodies even more. Please visit Roxana’s Blog for more May Flowers!

Posted by ~Trish

Photos by ~Trish